Foundation of Faith

The foundation of faith; 1 Kings 17:2,  A great high priest who has passed through the heavens, Jesus the Son of God is our primary support for our faith. It is not what is happening now but what happened two thousand years ago at Calvary and later at the tomb. This is our foundation of…


Remember the Promise

I greet you in the name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Faith; Faith is the key to unlock the door to the promise God has for you and I. God has a promise for every person’s problem, every person’s dream, every person’s needs and faith is the key to receive the promise, which…

God Wants To Talk To You

God sees God knows and God cares

GENESIS 16:1-14   A few months ago a story was told of a family that lives in Trenton, New Jersey. It was a family of six. A father, a mother, and four little children. Due to economy and the mortgage crisis, this family faced eviction from their home in the heart of winter. One night,…


Wrestling with God & struggling with Faith

GENESIS 32:22-32   Let me preface the message that I have for you today by saying that it was not the sermon that I thought I would be delivering. Right after service last week I had started working on a message of Faith from a passage that is found in the gospel of Matthew. But…


Walking in the Faith “With”

GENESIS 15:1-6 Have you ever stopped to consider the power that is in little words that we say and don’t give a second thought about their significance? One such word is the word “with”. The word with has many definitions. In the company of : Used to indicate that someone, something, or people are accompanying…


Learning Not To Expect the Worst

Genesis 45:25-47:7 As the pastor of this church, I want you to know that I truly love all of you. And I am concerned about, your spiritual and physical well being. I pray the blessings of III John 2 on your life every day. That scripture says: Beloved, I wish above all things that thou…


The Westboro Baptist in All of Us

Funny, how in thinking we’re doing much good, we can, in fact, be guilty of much evil, of unleashing harm on those around us. That’s what 27-year-old Megan Phelps-Roper is learning. Megan is the granddaughter of Fred Phelps, the founding pastor of Westboro Baptist Church. In a recent interview, Megan dropped a bombshell: She and her sister,…


You’re Probably More Like Judas Than You Think

We don’t generally spend a lot of time talking about Judas, because he committed an unfathomable act of treachery. However, if we can step back for a second look, we may find a character who makes us squirm because he’s just a bit too familiar. Before Judas betrayed Jesus, he was looking for a Messiah…


Finding Faith After Spiritual Indoctrination

Samantha Field deconstructs her upbringing in a “cult-like” church in the South—reexamining the language, theology, and perspectives she grew up with to find for herself a truer understanding of Christianity. Homeschooled, she attended a conservative Christian college and then came to Liberty University to pursue a Master’s degree in English, which is how I met her….


God Wants You to Graduate

S amuel Gimez still dreams of a life outside San Antonio’s West Side. For now, the 21-year-old is living in this historically impoverished community of low-wage workers, modest homes, and a surplus of neighborhood churches. He grew up in church with his parents urging him to follow the path of his older brother, who had…