Walking in the Faith “With”

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GENESIS 15:1-6

Have you ever stopped to consider the power that is in little words that we say and don’t give a second thought about their significance?

One such word is the word “with”.

The word with has many definitions.

  1. In the company of : Used to indicate that someone, something, or people are accompanying you. For example, She came to church with a friend.
  2. When something is used together: Prayer with fasting is powerful.
  3. Involving someone or people: She organized the prayer meeting with a deacon.
  4. It can mean opposition or against: Saints of God should not fight  with each other.
  5. The most important definition to me is that it means to have: Jesus says in Matthew 28:20 says:  LO, I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS , EVEN UNTO THE END OF THE WORLD.

To be with or without something can literally change a person’s life.

  • Love
  • Family
  • Money
  • Courage

But all of what I just mentioned is nothing compared to being with or without God and faith.

Being with or without faith can determine if a person will have eternal life or not. Having faith or not will determine if a person will or will not go to hell. Walking with faith can determine if you are going to live an abundant, confident, peaceful, joyous, prosperous and victorious life.

WITF: Walking In The Faith: Can change an ordinary person into a world overcomer.

This is what we are going to see in our text today which is found in the 15th chapter of Genesis. We will look at verses 1-6.

In our text, Abram hears the “word of the LORD” and this word from God changes his life. The word that he heard from God was basically telling him to : Walk In The Faith.

What we have to understand is in Abram’s day, he was just an average ordinary person among millions of other people, but God had a special plan for his life. Because Abram walked in faith, he heard from the Lord about his fear, his future, and his faith.

What Abram heard from God changed his whole life. My brothers and sisters, none of the things and possessions that we have in the world, can compare to the Word of God. Hold your Bibles up! You have in your hands the complete and sure revelation of God to mainkind. It is a treasure that has no equal. Without it, we cannot Walk In Faith because FAITH COMETH BY HEARING AND HEARING BY THE WORD OF GOD.

In our text, God has a word for Abram, but he also has a word for you and me today. Let’s hear what God had to tell Abram and see how these same words can teach us about WALKING IN THE FAITH.



Abram had just returned from a great military victory.  In the process, he had made a bitter enemy, a King by the name of Chadorlaomer. This king was mighty enough to start a war with Sodom and other cities on the plain Because of this, Abram felt that he was in danger from this king and his army. Abram was scared; Abram had fear that he would be attacked by the king.

  1. A.      The peace that comes from knowing God

Look at Genesis 15:1: After these things the word of the Lord came unto Abram in a vision, saying, fear not, Abram, I am thy shield, and thy exceeding and great reward.

This is the first time the phrase; “fear not” is used in the Bible. But thank God it is not the last for people in the Bible or for us. People can encourage and tell us to walk in peace and fear not, but the words of people do not have any power behind them. But when God is with you, He speaks peace to your heart. Fear and God can not be in the same time. When fear sees Jesus it has to flee. This is because when Jesus says: PEACE BE STILL, fear cannot stay around. He still calms the storms; He is still the great “I AM”.


  1. b.      The protection that comes from knowing God

Whoever is walking in faith, has His shield of protection all of the time. Psalm 34:7 says: THE ANGEL OF THE LORD ENCAMPETH AROUND ABOUT THEM THAT FEAR HIM, AND DELIVERETH THEM.


  1. c.       The prize that comes from knowing God

There is someone today that feels like they have not received anything from God. But if you are walking in faith, you already possess riches from God. What material things can compare with God’s love, grace, mercy, salvation, forgiveness, presence, peace, power, and hope? When we have faith in God we possess all that God has to offer us. As a matter of fact, people envy us! When we have God, we have all that is His! Romans 8:17 tells us that we are: JOINT HEIRS WITH JESUS!

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